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M&A Divestment Execution

Pre and Post-deal Strategy and Orchestration

Karumba provided the technology stream strategy and Programme Management for all technology areas pre- and post-deal on this $400M sale. 

From security compliance attestation through to technology execution, TSA management, and programme governance. Karumba supported using employees across 3 continents   

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M&A Integration Strategy

Improved service and reduced costs

We undertook the strategic planning to integrate 4 Nordic travel companies post acquisition. The planning resulting in technology and organisational road maps to reduce operating costs, reduce risk and increase the quality of IT services to the acquired companies.

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Company IT Integration

Improved service and reduced costs

This programme of 10 work streams integrated 4 Nordic companies into its parent. Technology integrations included LAN/WAN, desktop, telephony, real estate, staff transition, application migration, data centre decommission and in-sourcing of core support functions. The programme delivered reduced operating costs, improved agility an, reduced risk and improved IT service and was completed to time and budget.

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Providing pre and post-deal preparation, separation and TSA management 

Deployment and migration strategies were rapidly work-shopped and deployment teams mobilised across the globe. Accurate deployment tracking and reporting mechanisms were developed to provide transparency and accountability

Programme Governance

Bringing structure in a time of rapid organisational change

Our client was running a number of global change initiatives in a matrix managed delivery model. We provided a structured governance model that removed ambiguity, clarified responsibilities and allowed our client to control and accelerate delivery of the initiatives

Compliance Programme Management

Providing leadership in a complex and distributed compliance programme

We managed a PCI compliance programme with hard audit deadlines. This multi-region, multi-discipline programme was one of the most technically complex projects we have undertaken. High levels of technology capability allied with excellent business understanding brought this programme to a conclusion to meet the compliance timeline

M&A Integration Strategy

Provided innovative integration strategy. Improving agility and reducing costs

We developed the integration strategy for a $3.9 Billion acquisition. This included the business case for a 'Cloud Integration Bus’, reducing lead-time, increasing agility and reducing the previous integration costs by up to 40%

Data Centre Decommission

Rapid cost reduction and simplified environment following $1.6B acquisition

We ran the programme to decommission two newly acquired companies' global Data-centres. This required the safe transition and termination of services running on 2500 Servers and 13000 Virtual Machines supporting their production and corporate environments

M&A Integration

Integrating technology systems and support

We managed the corporate technology integration of this German company into it's US parent

Software Defined WAN (SDWAN)

Business case and delivery of multi-million dollar savings

Karumba built the business case to support this project and managed the implementation of this project across 91 global locations and optimised traffic for over 300 WAN circuits. During this project, Karumba developed intelligent dashboards to track, coordinate and communicate activities and status. The project will successfully pay for itself and deliver multi-million dollar savings in the coming years.  

Organisation Transformation

Agile transformation of a service delivery organisation

Karumba facilitated the transformation of this organisations 300+ engineering and operations department with the senior management team and HR stakeholders. 

Karumba provided the baseline analysis and, through a number of facilitated workshops, helped the organisation transform into an agile and data-driven department

M&A Divestment

Technology separation of a business travel organisation

Karumba provided the technology consulting to prepare and manage the logical separation to enable deal close. This included secure and complex data segregation, security posture remediation and advisory services during TSA construction and negotiation. Karumba then managed the TSA delivery and exit.

Thin Client Deployment

Global desktop transformation in 4 months

Deployment and migration strategies were rapidly work-shopped and deployment teams mobilised across the globe. Accurate deployment tracking and reporting mechanisms were developed to provide transparency and accountability

Data Centre Migration

Improved agility and reduced risk

The migration of the back-office needed to complete by Christmas 2015 to minimise risk  and fit the business cycle. All back office applications were re-platformed and migrated with no unplanned outages or revenue loss. The migration supported the closure of 3 legacy data centres.

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