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Mergers and Acquisitions
  • IT due diligence support: Management, arbitration and coordination with the acquirer for pre-deal due diligence requirements. Pre-deal and post deal remediation management

  • IT separation planning and execution: Cross-silo separation planning , processes, and resources that are part of the divestiture, while ensuring business continuity and minimizing disruption

  • IT transition services agreement (TSA) management: Pre-deal support for the legal and IT team for TSA negotiations and post-deal TSA management

  • IT value creation: Support to identify and realize IT synergies and efficiencies that can enhance the value of the remaining business after divestiture or acquisition, such as optimizing IT costs, improving IT performance, and enabling digital transformation

  • IT post-divestiture support: Support to address any IT issues or challenges that may arise after the divestiture, such as resolving disputes with the buyer, managing legacy systems, and system separation and change management

  • IT integration planning and execution: Closs-silo and cross-entity integration planning. Orchestration and execution support to protect the business roadmap and optimise the pace of integration

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