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Project plan and programme plan


Specialists in delivering complex technology transformation across M&A and global
enterprise change programmes, helping you to get the difficult things done


We are a strategic business transformation consultancy, specialising in driving technology-driven change, from the strategy to the day-to-day management of your programmes.

With international expertise across M&A integration and broader transformation programmes, we help businesses evolve and see real results from change.

We differ from your average consultancy because we truly own your problem. Rather than give you junior teams that look to you for the answers, we dedicate senior experts to get your transformation challenges  strategised, unlocked and resolved.

What’s more, our range of experience from industry means we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve seen the scenarios you face and can mitigate the challenges before they happen. We know what good looks like, so our aim is to help you reduce risk, create efficiencies, and to leave you with a stronger organisation

Why We're Different

We Own The Outcome

We drive your technology change, supporting your leadership and delivery teams to make change happen

Experts in Difficult

We handle those difficult scenarios

so you don't have to

Seamlessly Present

We adapt to our clients culture ensuring we don't disrupt your business flow and deliver sustainable results

We Find Hidden Value

Our experience and outside perspective allows us to release hidden commercial or operational value

Personable and Scalable

None of our teams have sales target and we keep our overheads deliberately low so that every dollar spent with us is going towards delivery of your outcomes.

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